The activity marks in Social Media denotes a greater maturity of the sector

Since its inception, the performance in social networks by manufacturers was reduced to sporadic performances in these media by marketers or communications. However, there was a clearly defined goal, not a strategy.At present, actions by manufacturers increased results orientation can be seen, indicating a greater maturity and professionalization of the sector. As it reflected in the Altimeter report “The State of Social Business 2013: The Maturing of Social Media into Social Business”.

The activity marks in Social Media denotes a greater maturity of the sectorThe study shows that this is a developing sector, which has evolved over the last year, to the point to qualify for “intermediate”, but that much remains to advance. As decisive tonic, it should be emphasized that only 17% of companies have a strategic planning in Social Media. a lack of organization, global strategy and a clear policy for action in social networks, both internally and externally is still evidence. You need to take a greater awareness of the need to plan and coordinate all social activity of the company. In this way companies will be able to become “social business”, which the study defined as those organizations where there is a deep integration of social media and methodologies, to the extent that is present in different areas of the company.

Businesses, both large and small, they have professionalized activity, incorporating professional Social Media companies. One thing on which coincides with the study of Wildfire by Google and AdAge, published last week, which indicated that large company already had more than 50 employees. As shown Altimeter, 78% of companies ls has professionals specifically dedicated to Social Media.

Among the priority objectives showing highlights companies encourage engagement, thus achieving greater interaction with the target audience, along with the increased use of information and improve training in this area. Another aspect in which companies have considerably improved over this time is in measuring results. The report indicates that half of the companies are already able to analyze the impact of their actions on social media.

It is an environment full development, which requires qualified and amply prepared professionals. Among its findings, the study highlights that only 18% of companies believe that their employees really dominate this area, while 45% believe that their staff have sufficient knowledge.

Experienced a significant change in recent years is the integration of Social Media within all areas of the company. If at first it was a reserved exclusively for marketing or communication departments, at present this activity area recorded up to 13 different departments of the organization.

However, not all companies are willing to take this step. Only 52% of executives communicant with the idea of implementing a social strategy globally within the organization. Which greatly hinders progress in this direction.

We are definitely witnessing a mature in the sector. Social networks have already demonstrated their effectiveness in connecting with the target audience and improve your user experience to the point that have been integrated into all areas of the company. Still need to improve at the strategic level, in order to optimize resources and unify criteria when acting.

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