10 More Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

Let’s look at some more easy ways to update your kitchen without going to the lengths of a complete kitchen refit.

10 More Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

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Put up Open Shelves

Open shelves are great if you have some nice pieces that you want to display. They look great against a tiled wall or one painted in a bright contrast colour.

Mix in Living Room Furniture

Period kitchens always had at least one comfortable chair next to the fire. Adding a rug and a couple of comfy chairs can make the room seem really warm and inviting.

Details Matter

If you’re not replacing the whole kitchen, make sure that what you are replacing works hard to refresh the look. Don’t go for bland blinds for example – add something that makes a statement.

The Back Splash Needn’t Be Boring

And it needn’t be tiled either, though this example in Atlantic magazine shows that if you choose an unusual colour, tiles can look stunning.

One of the most effective treatments is a back splash in a contrast colour to the rest of the kitchen.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Styles

A butler sink and shaker-style cabinets can look great with a modern island, so don’t be afraid to mix up styles and periods – if it works, it works.

A New Floor Can Work Wonders

One potential investment to pull the whole thing together is new vinyl flooring, as available from sites like http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/vinyl-flooring. It can add colour to a dark kitchen, lighten up a dark one, and give warmth to one that seems a little cold.

Experiment with Colour

Get some colour cards so that you can play about with different combinations – you may be surprised at what works together.

Kitchen Lighting Can Be Fun

So much kitchen lighting is functional but boring. Think about investing in a lamp or two that you can use to vary the mood.

Make Room for Something Seasonal

Include a wicker basket that you can fill with pine cones in autumn or evergreen foliage in winter, to add a natural dimension to the scheme.

Up Cycle Everything

Be as imaginative as you can. Look at the stuff you’ve got in your loft or your garage that you don’t use and use your ingenuity to turn it into useful objects for the kitchen.

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