Slowly the mention of brands in social networks are coming on the positive side

Talks around brands and companies are increasing on Twitter, and users who mention those brands on Twitter are seeing their voice amplified. Social networks are a good place for positive public relations, but we also know that the speed with which bad news runs is like a summer fire.

Slowly the mention of brands in social networks are coming on the positive sideA study last April conducted by Dimensional Research told us that 95% of the interviewees who had a bad experience acknowledged talking about it with third parties, while only 87% of those with a good experience did. As for the use of social networks, 45% of those with bad experiences were inclined to share it compared to 30% of those with good experience. And the same happened with pages of comments or reviews, with 35% versus 23% of positive experiences.

But a new study from Adobe comes to bring us the news that brands, at least in the US, are getting increased positive comments. Adobe’s analysis of sentiment in the mentions scores from 1 (negative) to 10 (positive), with 5 as neutral. Looking at the previous year, the average in the US, measuring Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and Tumblr, has gone from a neutral score of 5 in July 2012 to slightly positive of 5.28 in June this year . Although it does not seem like a big leap, the trend seems to be taking shape, after a downturn that led the Indica to the lowest levels of 4.77 in October 2012.

The average at this time has been 5.07 in the US. , Slightly above Australia (5.04), but lower than Canada (5.24) or the United Kingdom (5.36), where in the latter the maximum of 5.75 was reached in the last month of June 2013.

Expanding the study to 38 countries, 6 industrial sectors and 800 companies, Adobe’s sentiment index has found its highest levels in the travel and tourism industry (5.37) and automobile (5.36), followed by the Distribution (5,33). Technology companies (5.25%), media and leisure (5.19) and financial services (5.11), are slightly behind, but all on the positive side.

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