EMP Attack – What is it and how do you survive it?

An EMP attack is an electromagnetic pulse created by nuclear explosions. The altitude that the bomb is detonated at, and the power of the bomb affects how badly the power grid is destroyed, but it will create a surge in the power grid due to the change in the magnetic fields.  This is scary stuff, as we are incredibly reliant on the power grid for pretty much everything. So, if this were to happen, how can you be prepared for the aftermath?

EMP Attack – What is it and how do you survive it

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The first thing is, unless you have a pacemaker, the radiation from this detonation would not be very dangerous to human beings, as to generate this sort of attack, the weapon would need to be detonated at a high altitude. Anything with a microchip, anything electrical will be destroyed. This day and age this will render a lot of things useless, and will destroy machines in workplaces, hospitals, schools, and power stations to name but a few. This is the sort of attack that will create confusion and very quickly will lead to anarchy.

The first thing that you will need to do to prepare for this, is to ensure that you have a large stockpile of long lasting food such as tinned food, pasta, and food that you can generally store well. It is also useful to keep as supply of bottled water, as much as you have room for. If society breaks down, don’t expect the convenience of running water! Keeping a store of seeds that you can grow yourself into edible vegetables and fruit is a great idea, it is well worth learning some tips on how to grow plants that you can eat, and seeds take up very little room when stored, so you will be able to keep a large supply even if space isn’t something that you have a lot of!

Another thing that is very useful to keep in a large supply is medicines. Painkillers and day to day medicines for general ailments, and also a well-stocked first aid kit for treating injuries – remember, hospitals will be out of service, and if there are medical facilities they are likely to be swamped with people with few supplies to go around. You should have a good knowledge of first aid.

Another important thing that you should do, is secure your home. The riots and anarchy that will unfold from this sort of attack will mean that nowhere is safe, and police will be unable to keep order. Check that your home security is as tight as possible and that you are able to defend yourself and your family if you need to.

EMP Attack – What is it and how do you survive it

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If you need to leave your home and live outdoors, as you may well need to – head out into the countryside and make sure that you know basic survival skills. Water purification tablets are a must in this situation, as you will need to ensure that any water sources that find are suitable for drinking. Outdoor survival equipment from http://www.angloforro.co.uk/product-category/survival/equipment/ is a must, as you will need basic items to allow you to take shelter in any terrain that you may find yourself in – if you are heading elsewhere it may be a while before you get there, so it is worth making sure that you have everything that you need for the journey, and that you have planned for every eventuality. This can make the difference between living and dying. Our ancestors were very good at living off the land, and proof that human beings can adapt to their circumstances – so it is worth looking into the past to secure your future.

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