Only 11% of consumers expect to receive customer support on social networks

Customer service through social networks remains a real headache for both brands as customers. On the one hand, the marks are still not prepared to meet this challenge, something that frustrates customers.

Given the difficulties to contact their brand through Social Media, customers choose to use the usual channels. EDigital Research study reflects that 92% of customers in UK opt for email to transmit your request to companies; in fact it was the last method chosen by 58% of respondents.Meanwhile, 71% use traditional phone, so it did 31% in the last time. Only 11% of consumers expect to receive customer service through social networks.

Only 11% of consumers expect to receive customer support on social networksThe response speed is an essential condition to provide good customer service

Nobody likes to be kept waiting, and customers, even less. This week’s study Ifbyphone reflected that customers do not wait more than 40 seconds to hang up the phone, something that requires companies to optimize their customer channel, and provide it with the necessary resources. eDigital Research indicates that 24% of applications are managed within a period of 6 hours. However, not all customers are properly cared for, 10% of the requests remain unanswered.

Do they work brands to maintain customer loyalty?

Customers do not are especially loyal to a brand, with the exception of supermarkets, where 55% cases always go to the same school to buy.Another sector that also keeps your customers, although at a lower level (43%) is the clothing, footwear and accessories. Meanwhile, gas stations (10%), electricity (16%), telecommunications (16%) or (finance (26%) should be more concerned about retaining customers. Something happens by having a service exceptional customer, and create loyalty programs.

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