Mobile optimization remains a major challenge for brands

More of the world’s population already has a smartphone, that inseparable device they use every day. 53% of them uses it as a primary resource for information. IMRG and Gemini indicate that 1 in 5 online purchases are done through mobile devices. Mobile traffic accounts for 30% of the total, a trend that will continue to grow, forcing manufacturers to adapt to new technologies, or suffer the consequences.

Mobile optimization remains a major challenge for brandsCompelling reasons to have a mobile site

The growth rate of mCommerce double that of electronic commerce via computer. According to the latest data from comScore. It is expected that by 2014 the volume of mobile transactions reach 630 billion dollars.

A bad mobile experience negatively affects brands. 79% of mobile users coming to a site that is optimized or abandons this site in search of another where you can see thoroughly. 52% of users feel less committed to companies that do not care about their online presence on mobile, and 48% sincerely frustrated, or angry with the company.

A mobile site is not accessible hurts sales. 67% of customers prefer to buy an optimized mobile web. In addition, a suitable site for mobile helps retain customers. 74% of these consumers indicates that it is more likely to return to a website that has had a positive mobile experience.

Mobile local commerce power. 94% of users use their smartphone to search for local information. Of these, 66% just by visiting the company, either online, or by contacting the hotel physically.

Major deficiencies encountered by mobile users

There are still many pages that are not prepared for these screens. 96% it found with pages that are not optimized for these smart devices.

76% claim that the web will fit your screen. The smartphone market has a wide range of models, involving a multitude of resolutions. A barrier only salvageable thanks to responsive design, applied professionally.

Usability is another big problem. 78% of users want to find what you are looking for 1 or 2 clicks.

Slow loading. SOASTA study indicates that 76% of users expect up to 10 seconds to see the page, and is a time rather than considered.

Actually, there is still a large digital divide that hinders the experience of mobile users, harming the image of the company, and causing him to lose business opportunities Are you one of them?

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