Companies and brands need to change their mindset with their social media marketing strategies

Social networks did not emerge as a sales tool, nor were they even business-oriented. They were conceived as a channel of communication fast, effective and that involved no more costs than that of the internet connection. Its success was such that users started to create their profiles and began to use them to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances, as well as a way to meet people.

Companies and brands need to change their mindset with their social media marketing strategiesFaced with this great avalanche, the companies could not resist wanting to be there where their customers met. In this way the brands began to register their name in these 2.0 media, and to launch actions to capture the more adepts better. For them, social networks were a new channel of promotion, and above all very economic could you ask for more? Nothing could fail, it was the perfect plan. Instead, they did not take into account one thing, the main thing, and it resides in the very origin of social networks: they are a place to talk.

Social networks allow a deeper relationship to be established than any other medium

According to Mitch Joel in his blog Six Pixels of Separation, it is a unique opportunity for brands to have real interactions with real people through the online medium.

Brands need to change their mindsets by rejecting the idea that social media is a marketing tool, and start using them as a two-way communication channel.

Unfortunately many brands are still not aware of the high potential of social networks to connect with your customers from you to you. They still focus their actions on official announcements, or promotional actions; Showing a great rigidity, which leaves no room for improvisation, for active participation in social conversation.

Even so, customers show their support for brands, and they remain hopeful that they will finally open their eyes. However, for now, they only boast of accumulating large numbers of followers, whom they do not attend as they deserve. When it comes to the truth, when the customer claims his services, he finds the door closed and a nonexistent response.

Companies must use social networks as what they really are, a tool to reach their customers, to generate trust and a place to talk.

Therefore, this is not an element of exclusive use by the marketing department, but represent the entire organization, and as such, it should be involved. It is as if in the whole company there was a single telephone, belonging to the sales department. What would you pay attention to? And human resources? And production, or relationship with suppliers? Sounds surreal, does not it? As is the case with the current situation of monopoly of social networks in the company.

How can this much needed change be generated?

First is a general awareness, a real will to change. Especially from the top spheres of the organization. The CEO must be the visible head of the company in all its areas, including the online medium. From there, it is necessary to extend this company policy to all levels, creating a series of guidelines and good practices, so that they know the uses, tools and applications of social networks at the corporate level.

It takes time. A period of analysis and observation, knowledge of the nature of each medium, user behavior and detection of needs, tastes and preferences of the target audience. In this way it will be possible to design a strategy of approach, to learn to relate and to know what to do in each moment.

Count on change agents. This strategy requires trained and motivated personnel to carry it out. Therefore, it would be appropriate for the company to have managers in each area, trained in these new media and highly committed to the company.

Finally, it is everyone’s job; Starting from a common purpose, it is possible to take advantage of social networks as a way to maintain real relationships with clients; From person to person, do you dare?

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