How vacuum conveyors can triple production

Sometimes a simple change such as adopting a new piece of technology can make a huge difference to the success of a business. By boosting efficiency, allowing workers to be more productive and reducing material waste, the correct investment choice can deliver gains in productivity.

How vacuum conveyors can triple production

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Investment spending is important to the success of industry; however, this investment needs to be effective and it is crucial that the money goes into the right areas. In manufacturing processes, this often means working to streamline production, improve material handling and cut down the number of labour-intensive tasks.

Handling raw materials

Where a process involves mixing raw materials, such as powders, manual operation can be arduous and effectively limits the size of the batches that can be produced. This is where investing in machinery such as a vacuum conveyor system can make a big difference.

A conveyor from a provider such as can make loading mixing and blending machines much more efficient and increase workflows; in addition, it allows for more accurate measurement of materials. The conveyor has a metering device at the inlet; therefore, mixes are going to be better and with less chance of wastage. It is also better for employees, as it cuts out a good deal of lifting and stretching.

A conveyor also means that materials can be transferred without the risk of spillages or of raising dust, creating a cleaner, safer, more pleasant working environment.

Vacuum advantages

A vacuum conveyor for handling bulk materials offers the user a number of advantages. It does not need to have a valve at the inlet, which means it can cope with larger particles without damage to the system. It is also possible to feed the system using a lance, which is inserted into the bulk material. In addition to feeding materials into the process, a conveyor can be used in packaging finished powdered material, allowing the accurate filling of boxes or drums ready for shipping.

The system operates under negative pressure, meaning there is no chance of leakage and no dust released into the environment; therefore, it can be used to handle toxic substances in safety. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this type of system is that it can speed up the production process. By eliminating the manual handling of materials, some companies have seen a tripling of production capability.

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