Be clear, ‘There are no’ miracle solutions in Social Media

Since the emergence of 2.0 technology and social networks, many of us have tried to help and support companies fundamentally in two ways: Publicize what these new tools can bring to organizations and make known the good use that should be made from the same.

Many companies want to be in social networks but their ignorance is very large, so it is very important to disseminate what social media can do for an organization.

As in everything, and this field is not an exception, there is a malgama of false professionals who try to profit by deceiving these small companies, taking advantage of their ignorance about this matter.

Instead of trying to offer a service to companies that allow them to know what Social Networks are and can contribute to companies, to guide them in which social networks fit best for their business, to help them manage day to day in Social Media, they try to create completely dependent companies without any autonomy.

It is fundamental in any organization, that an internal professional is responsible for Social Media, since this professional must be in the internal communication channels of the organization and must know the company perfectly. Only in this way will it be able to give an agile and effective response and will be able to faithfully transmit the values ​​and image of the organization.

Obviously, we will have to continue with external and professional advice for specific moments, an advice that, among other things, will have to train and update the Community Manager of the latest tools from which our organization can benefit, but always trying that the company can, as far as possible, be autonomous in the management of these tools.

Unfortunately the SMEs are not at their best, and this malgama of false professionals that spoke at the beginning, are taking advantage of this bad time to try to sell them miraculous solutions, that far from helping the organization to reach some objectives, that for another They do not know about them, they turn them into dependent companies, keeping their ignorance and lack of autonomy to deal with their Digital Marketing actions.

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