Why have subscription boxes become so popular?

Subscription boxes have soared in popularity over the last ten years and it seems that almost anything can be delivered by subscription. From art kits and homemade soaps to plants and dog treats, millions of people around the world enjoy the element of surprise when a parcel is delivered directly to them once a month.
Data from a report by Gitnux Market Data suggests that the subscription market is projected to reach $19.8bn (£15.14bn) by 2026. 45 per cent of those surveyed had two or more subscription boxes, whilst 14 per cent had four or more Subscription boxes have never been so popular, but why is this the case?

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Joy in a box

There is no denying that the majority of us love surprises, which is one of the main reasons subscription boxes are so successful. Anticipation, joy and the delight of receiving something we may not have normally picked ourselves are all present within the mystery package that arrives on our doorstep.

Craft subscriptions are particularly popular. Whether this is for painting kits or knitting kits, these subscription boxes contain everything you need to complete your project.

Less is more

When presented with too many choices, customers often become confused. A subscription service eliminates this and gives customers curated products delivered directly to their doorsteps on a regular basis. Subscription boxes provide costumes with a hassle-free way to explore new items without being overwhelmed by too many products and choices. They also cater to all abilities; for example, knitting kits from Wool Couture have detailed instructions and can be tailored to beginners and experts. A sense of achievement can be obtained regardless of ability.

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Personalised experience

Competition is rife and the most successful subscription box services tend to be those that offer personalised touches that enhance the customer experience. Subscribers who feel valued, whilst also receiving value for money, tend to continue to subscribe.

Services that offer environmentally friendly and ethical products also tend to do well as subscribers turn to conscious consumption that aligns with their values.

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