Making the most of the sun in Burnham-on-Sea, with its lovely location on Bridgewater Bay

Located on Bridgewater Bay at the mouth of the River Parrett is the popular Seaside resort of Burnham-on-Sea in the county of Somerset.  Together with its smaller neighbouring town of Highbridge, Burnham-on-Sea has a growing population of just over 19,000 local inhabitants. To make the most of the long hot summer days the residents are turning to reputable, experienced, professional companies such as who are specialist Solar Panel Installers Burnham to help them reduce their energy bills and make a positive difference to Global Warming and Climate Change. The sun pours its energy directly into their modern, technologically advanced Solar Panels and powers all the electrical appliances in their homes.  Any excess power is stored in specialist batteries and can be used at a later date when the weather turns colder.


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Saving these canny residents hundreds of pounds throughout the year and reducing their individual Carbon Footprints at the same time. Famous for its Grade 11 listed Low Lighthouse that was built in 1832, Burnham-on-Sea offers traditional Seaside activities for its visitors and local inhabitants.  The esplanade that runs along the seafront is home to several listed buildings including numbers 44, 46 and 47 that date back to the early 19th Century.

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A single stone pier with a moulded plinth, topped off with a cast iron urn, carved with two lions heads, built in 1897, still pours fresh water into a Purbeck Marble Bowl and is a drinking fountain standing on the corner of Berrow Road.

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