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Co-working is currently an increasing trend around the world but it is important to manage the space properly in order to maximise efficiency and minimise problems.

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What is co-working?

This is also known as hot desking and it means a space where different independent workers share a space. It is particularly popular among freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs and, normally, the users will not work for the same company. Read more about the popularity of co-working at

Why the popularity?

Many entrepreneurs or freelancers prefer co-working to working from home or renting their own office. It can save money, prevent isolation and create an ideal environment for collaboration and opinion sharing.

There are issues that need to be overcome when it comes to co-working, however, such as managing the many visitors that frequent these spaces. Here are some tips.

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Evaluate privacy

Data protection and privacy needs are vital to consider and this is why many co-workers now prefer a digital visitor management system, which removes the need for traditional sign-in sheets on paper, for example.
Minimise interruptions

Visitors who don’t know where they’re going can interrupt workers, causing unnecessary and unwelcome disruption. A solution is a management system that alerts reception staff to where visitors need to go, allowing them to point people in the right direction without any fuss or inconvenience.

Effective preparation

The nature of co-working means that the people present in an office can alter daily. In turn, this makes it extremely difficult to predict how many people will visit the office each day. It is also important to ensure that you keep a nice tidy building by utilising the services of an Office Cleaning London company so that everyone feels motivated and comfort working in your co-working space.

Effective preparation can remove the problems which may be associated with this and can be achieved in a number of ways. It could be that the premises could have a system whereby visitors can pre-register and people can use a digital management system to register for one of the desks or check availability before they arrive.

A system such as this will make sure that people arriving are guaranteed a desk and that there is one available and will considerably ease the pressure on reception staff. Receptionists will also be equipped with a better idea when it comes to visitor numbers, giving them the best possible chance of planning their day effectively.

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