What is a Bodyguard?

It is something that we all see from time to time – at big pop concerts, at Red Carpet events on the Television – and of course, the famous film – the Bodyguard. But whilst we may associate the role of bodyguard with standing in front pop stars, there is a lot more to it than that ….

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Crime is high, particularly in big cities and this is why close protection London companies such as https://www.valorousgroup.co.uk/  are so important to many people in the city. When it comes to your home, they can be that peace of mind that you need to know that your property and you are safe from intruders. Many people have security in their home around the clock to keep their home safe.

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Many people who use protection services prefer to have surveillance protection. So rather than the bodyguard walking right next to the celebrity that we all picture, they actually observe from afar unseen. This is useful in many situations, whether it is extra protection without feeling too close, or just so that it makes the fact you have security less obvious.

It isn’t just walking around the streets that a bodyguard can help with – many offer chauffeurs services too. Especially when it comes to inner city driving, this can be very useful to businesspeople for example, as it combines personal protection with driving allowing them to relax and concentrate on work whilst travelling. Specialised drivers are well trained in evasive and protective driving and many have had training in the police force or the army.

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