Using Longspan Racking in a warehouse.

There are a multitude of racking ideas that you can use in your warehouse. Most of the varieties that are available will depend greatly on what space you have in the warehouse and what it is you want to store in it. For example, when you have large high volume items to store then you should consider using pallet racking. This is a strong construction that allows you to place the pallets directly onto the racking. However, it is rather large and if you do not deal in that sort of product you may need to look at an alternative. This is where a company like can be of great assistance.

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The solution in most cases is to opt for Longspan Racking. This is a versatile form of racking that will allow you to maximise the strength of the structure whilst giving you more space. Longspan Racking is generally thinner than standard racking. So, if your warehouse needs to have the space utilised to its full potential this is the option for you.

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With Longspan Racking you can easily adjust the height of the shelvings to fit the products that you want to store on it. It also has the strength to support the products by using either a boltless or bolted option to secure them in place.

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