Tips for maintaining your septic tank

Carry out routine inspection

By regularly checking the condition of the septic tank, you will be more likely to find fault earlier on, making them faster and cheaper to repair. By never paying it any attention, there is a real risk of an unpleasant shock one day when it stops working!

Examine the actual tank itself, the visible components, drain fields and land around the tank for any signs of damage or leaking.

By checking your tank, you can realize how full it is and book your appointment to have the septic tank emptied. For Septic Tank Emptying Redditch, visit a site like BSA Environmental, providers of Septic Tank Emptying Redditch.

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Have your tank pumped

For optimal operation, the tank should be pumped regularly. It is recommended that you book an examination with a professional to see if the tank needs pumping every year, even though it is unlikely to fill up that quickly. The more waste your tank holds, the less efficient it will run and the more likely it will become damaged in some way; better to be careful than the risk of this happening!

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Protect your drain field

The field drain is as important as the tank itself, and damage that occurs here could negatively affect how well the septic tank can handle waste – you may find that your tank becomes backlogged and overflowed because it does not have a good outlet for the waste to go to.

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