Mice Facts

Here are some facts about mice that you may not know:

  1. A common problem

Every winter, rats and other rodents affect million homes of homes across the world. Mice usually enter our homes during the autumn/winter months, in search of food, water and shelter from the cold.

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  1. Mice have large appetites

They might be small and have a tiny stomach, but they have a high metabolism and need to eat up to 20 times per day! This is why you’ll often find mice living near a food source. Get rid of a mouse problem with Pest Control Essex from a site like BPC, suppliers of Pest Control Essex services.

  1. They are little Houdinis!

Mice can enter through openings as small as the size of a penny. If you have any small gaps or openings on the outside of your home (like where utility pipes meet the brickwork) it’s like an open invitation to the mice. Prevent them from gaining access to your home by sealing any openings on the exterior. Gaps can also be filled with steel wool.

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  1. They have a relatively short life span

Wild mice tend to only live for around five months, falling victim to many predators such as cats and foxes. In the laboratory, mice can live up to 24 months.

  1. More harmful to health than you might realise

It’s common knowledge that mice can transmit diseases such as Salmonella and Hantavirus, however, it’s just the beginning. In fact, mice can carry as many as 200 human pathogens!

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