Thinking or singing out loud in the bathroom.

Whatever it is about the immersion of water with people it seems to bring out something in them. Take getting into the shower and starting to feel like you can sing or solve the problems of the world. What is it about the application of H20 and soap that suddenly seems to spark off a variety of emotions that imbue us with the ability to sing chart hits. Or at least that we think we can. Maybe it’s the environment of the bathroom itself. A Bathroom Renovations Dublin company  like can help you get started so that your signing is framed by the best scenery you can hope for.

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It’s true when you think about is as there are several times in human existence that the bathroom has played a role in our discoveries. For example, the philosopher Archimedes needed his bath to help him discover displacement of water and he did not achieve this by just standing around awaiting to get the answer to. No, he got into the bath and noticed that the water got out he realised that he could measure the water in the bath before he got in then he would know how much he weighed. His cries of “Eureka I have found it” were swiftly followed by calls to put his bath robe back on as he’d been in the bath at the time.

So, you see its rather why the humble bathroom needs looking after. Another example is the writer Douglas Adams, famous for writing the Hithchikers guide to the Galaxy. he found that he had all his best ideas in the bath. As a result, he would be constantly having them and just letting his mind wander until an idea worth coming too pop into his head. He did find though that his water rates went through the roof. There is no record of Douglas turning to singing though that’s a pretty special thing to do.

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There are still no explanations as to why it happens but as soon as that shower comes on and you start to feel the water on you the singing begins. It’s usually something like Tie a yellow ribbon or a YMCA that gets folks jumping around in the shower. Genuinely acapella ones that do not require much of a backing base line make the best ones and the shower head is firmly gripped and the singer belts out the song. At least you’ll know that it has a stunning book.

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