Songs to Keep warm in the coldest of weathers

It’s surprising how the right song playing on the radio can warm you up on the coldest of days!  Like a cup of steaming hot mulled wine, a song can be like a radiator of warmth to the coldest of souls.  Romantic soundtracks, quirky lyrics and an imaginative musical arrangement can make all the difference when it comes to warming up.  Nat King Cole and his rendition of “The Christmas song” containing the words “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” has to be one of the most well-known tunes to old and young alike.  “The heat is on” by Glenn Frey is an upbeat sing-a-long song that you can dance and keep warm to in your kitchen, bedroom or living room.

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Apart from singing, keeping warm during the cold British winter can be made easier by installing an Aluminium Radiator in your home, the several different styles such as Horizontal, Vertical and Colum make it easy to fit them in to the most unusually designed room.  Speak to several expert companies such as before you commit to having them installed.  Keeping warm and having a reliable source of heat is not just essential to the survival of the Human race but a favourite topic for many musicians. The Supremes and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas both successfully covered the hit song (Love is like a) Heat Wave). Whether your curling up by an open fire, or singing your favourite song, stay safe and keep warm.

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