Should you ship your possessions when you move – or start again?

Anyone who is moving overseas to live, work or retire has an exciting opportunity ahead with new places to explore, adventures to enjoy and people to meet. There are many things to consider when moving abroad such as paperwork, tax issues or learning a new language. One of the biggest questions is whether to ship your belongings when you move overseas. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Should you ship your possessions when you move - or start again

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Chance to begin afresh

Moving abroad is an ideal opportunity to declutter your life or to start afresh. You have the chance of a new beginning and so can adapt your belongings to suit this. Also, some furniture and furnishing may not look right in your new home. An old dresser will fit in fine in an English country cottage or old home but will be out of place in a city apartment or modern villa. If you decide not to take all your possessions, you could hold a garage sale to raise some cash for your trip or give items away to charity.

Shipping belongings overseas

When you move to a new environment it can seem strange, which is why it is a good idea to be surrounded by items that remind you of home. It could be your favourite chair, a cabinet filled with china which has poignant memories, a treasured record collection or books that you read over and over again. You may feel safe and snug in your own bed or want to eat off plates and use pans that you’ve invested in over the years.

If you are moving abroad with children, you need to make sure they feel comfortable. Moving can be tough on children, especially if they are introverted or in their teenage years, having to change schools – Although they will miss their friends, they may feel better if the surroundings look familiar. To make things easier with shipping and customs, you can use an employee relocation company like An employee relocation company will have experts to make sure your move is as smooth as possible.

It may be that you decide to leave some things behind. You could ask yourself if the items are worth shipping abroad, either for emotional or financial reasons. If the answer is ‘yes’, then it is worth taking them with you.

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