How much can a follower or fan of a brand actually become worth?

The average value of Facebook fans has been increasing in the last two years. It is estimated to have reached as much as $ 174 in 2012, which is 28% compared to $ 136 in 2010, according to the latest Syncapse report.

The study, titled The Value of Facebook Fan 2013, analyzes the behavior of Facebook fans from 20 leading brands, focusing on average spend, loyalty and willingness to recommend the brand in their environment. To that end, 2000 US consumers were surveyed, who identified themselves with Facebook users and indicated which brands were still on the social network.

How much can a follower or fan of a brand actually become worthSyncapse estimates that, on average, fans spend 43% more than those who are not, despite not having large revenues. That’s an average of $ 116.

Fashion brands stand out for being the ones who reap the most profitable community; His fans spend 257% more than non-fans. The case of Zara is the most striking, where the value of his followers is set at around $ 405, who spend an average of $ 610.

The fans of brands of low cost products, or high frequency of purchase are those who have a lower value, such as Coca Cola (70 dollars) and Oreo (76 $). Although the high value of 2 major brands of high consumption products, such as McDonald’s ($ 183) and Starbucks ($ 177), are worthy of note; In these cases the weight of the Lovemark contributes favorably to increase the value of its unconditional followers.

On the opposite side, those brands that sell high-end products, or higher prices, are those who have the most profitable fans; Such as BMW, where the average value of its fans is $ 1,613; Or Target ($ 618).

On the other hand, the study also includes other habits and characteristics of fans, among which we highlight that:

  • 2 out of every 3 fans included in the studio also follow other brands, minimum 10 more.
  • 75% of followers are willing to share their positive experiences with the brand. This makes them true followers of the same, and increases their value as a fan.
  • Also critical and demanding, 66% of these fans were willing to talk publicly about their bad experiences with the brand.
  • Fans are more active users in social networks, spend almost twice as long as those who do not follow the brands (11 hours a week versus 6 non-fans). For them, in addition, 2.0 channels are an important element in their day to day (42% vs 15%).
  • These users approach social networks to find out about products, prior to making their purchasing decisions, as well as to connect with the brands they like (51%).

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