Selling online: the alternatives to eBay

Are you interested in making some extra money by buying and selling online? You’re not the only one! With buying and selling online reaching record new highs, you can be forgiven for thinking your only option is eBay. However, there are more online selling and buying sites out there that might be a better fit for you and your products.

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Type of Products

Depending on the type of product that you are looking to sell, there will be an online platform out there for you that is fit for your purposes. There are specialised online selling platforms for selling fashion, handmade products or vintage items. Depop, Etsy and Folksy are all geared toward a younger generation who are tech-savvy, providing the buyer with immediate feedback and the ability to see “likes”.


Thanks to a highly effective nationwide advertising and marketing campaign, we have all heard of Not on the High Street. With the ability to reach a customer base of almost 40 million people, this can be the perfect online selling platform if your speciality is hand-made, unique products.

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The rest of the competition

Shopify, Magneto and OnBuy are fairly similar to eBay, and all of these sites will involve a small cost for you to be able sell your products. When you add up transaction fees, listing fees and even monthly subscription costs, it’s important to make sure you are not paying out more than you are making.

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Finding a trusted courier and building that relationship can be critically important.

If you’ve decided to turn your hobby into an online business or you simply have lots of old items cluttering up your home that you want to sell, get researching today to find the online selling platform that suits your needs best.

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