Oh No! Not another school trip

The other day I came home with the dreaded school trip letter. The children had all left school excited about the trip and I was just filled full of dread. I knew at that moment in time in households near the school discussions were being had between excited children and their parents about all the things they were going to be do and how happy they were to be away from the classroom for a day. But all I could think of was that I was going to be stuck on the coach with 30 children signing the same songs over and over again for at least an hour. You see I’m the teacher!

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I should have known better than to organise a trip, but I was getting bored being stuck in the classroom and weather has been so nice recently, so I threw caution to the wind and planned the visit. I booked https://www.johndixtravel.co.uk/ a Coach Hire Gloucester coach to take us to our destination thank goodness that was on weight off my shoulders.

So, the day of the trip arrived, and we had barely left the school when one of the children decide to throw up. Now I always thought my lecturers were joking when they told me to make sure that I had a bucket on board with me when I was training to become a teacher. Well, I can tell you that I only ever forgot that bucket once. Never again! It is always the first thing I pack. I managed to avert the crisis of the puking child and moved them up to the front of the bus with said bucket in their hands. 5 minutes down, only 55 to go.

Next came the dreading singing. Why is it children can spend all week singing new songs in assembly and even sing along to the radio at lunch times but put them on a coach and all they can seem to remember is 10 green bottles. Well if it was just 10 I would have been happy. My pupils seem set on driving me completely insane and start with 100. By the time we get to 55 green bottles I wish I had a baseball bat to knock the blinking things off the wall and speed up the process a bit. Still time seems to have sped up a bit and we only have just over 20 minutes of the journey left.

I spoke too soon! No sooner had I said over the microphone we are nearly there children only 20 minutes to go it seemed like all 30 of the children decided to turn into annoying toddlers. Taking it in turns to ask, “Are we there yet?” every few seconds. Why oh why did I let myself into this. I should have just asked them to bring some items from home to talk about and I could have daydreamed about the summer holidays. Only 15 weeks away.

“We’ve arrived”, the coach driver says. I must have completed zoned out because I have no recollection of the last 15 mins. At last we have arrived and all I can think is thank goodness we arranged a jam pack adventure day at Go Ape because they will be so tired that hopefully they will sleep the whole way home. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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