Mining in the Forest of Dean

For time the Forest of Dean had quite a burgeoning industry of coal production that had a dramatic effect on its countryside and environment. The main use of coal was for powering the power stations and heating homes and industry, but we now use central heating over this fossil fuel. Nowadays we have much more sophisticated systems, and a Boiler Installation Forest of Dean company like can ensure that you needs in that area are covered. The history of coal mining in the region is the usual fraught affair as you would expect but the inclusion of the free mining movement makes it a little different.

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The Coalfield of the Forest of Dean is very small compared to the rich huge seams of South Wales to the near west and the Yorkshire fields to the far north. Nevertheless the ground has proved fruitful to the Forest and has aided its economy and growth. This is not to say that the winning of the coal was easy. As it is a given the area was quite densely populated with trees and the removal of these was quite a task bringing into question the cost effectiveness of extraction. Not only that, but the area also suffers from large collections of water below the surface hampering any operation. The stone above is extremely porous as can be seen when visiting one of the few working mines left open such as the caves at Clearwell. There are a series of geological faults that do not help matters and the use of pumps and the control of nearby water course was a given treatment.

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The real difference in terms of the mining conditions was the granting of the free mining licences. Unlike other parts of the control where companies or coal board a would control production the local populace were granted the chance to mine the coal and iron ore for profit. This was granted to the people of the forest following there celebrated actions in the battle of Berwick on Tweed dating back to the early thirteen hundreds when Edward the first was campaigning. Their skills of undermining brought down the walls of the town. The law for free mining stood, only applying to men it should be added, but the advent of the Industrial revolution so saw that right impinged upon. The large corporations wanted the coal and getting to it was restricted due to the fact that you had to be born in the Forest to get the right to start a mine or gales as it was called locally. Determined to bring completion the free mining was revoked to much outcry and public anger.  A Royal commission looked into the laws of free mining and brought about a new act in 1838 to shore up the free mining position.

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