Garden Wedding Tips

Have you always dreamed of a garden wedding? Beautiful greenery, flowerbeds and rose bushes providing the backdrop for the most romantic day of your life. If you’re the proud owner of a stunning and highly maintained garden, you might think of holding your wedding reception right there at home. Why splash out on a venue when you have the perfect garden right on your doorstep? Today, couples desire a unique, individual and natural wedding, and that’s why garden reception are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some tips for planning your own garden wedding reception:

  1. Think About Season

This will be the top consideration for any outdoor event. A garden can look very different in April when compared to October. Choose a month where you can feel confident all those wonderful blooms will on display or the colours are just what you’re seeking. You’ll need to consider Mother Nature as your number one spot on the guest list!

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  1. Pests

Any outdoor event can be plagued by the presence of ants, wasps, bees and mosquitos (not all at the same time we hope!). Summer weddings should be prepared with citronella candles and other prevention methods. Always have a first aid kit to hand in case anyone does experience a bite or sting. You don’t want insect gate-crashers ruining your perfect event.

  1. Decorate to Complement Nature

Unlike an indoor venue, there isn’t a huge amount of decoration necessary when Mother Nature is providing the backdrop. A few personal touches will enhance the look, such as chair covers, garden ornaments or fairy lights on trees, for example. You shouldn’t need to include many floral displays! If you’re having caterers but don’t want a family member stuck making drinks all afternoon, why not consider adding Mobile Bar Hire Gloucester from

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  1. Prepare for the Weather

Despite your choice of season or what the weather forecast says, British weather can still surprise us. For unseasonably warm weather, make sure you have plenty of shade in the form of a marquee, large parasols or canopies. These will also be useful for unexpected downpours too! If it feels a bit chilly, perhaps consider heat lamps.

  1. Be Creative with the Space

If your garden is more formal, then you might have quite defined spaces for your event to flow, such as patios, hedgerows and decorative trellises. For wilder, country gardens, you could consider creating some definition with partitioning or outdoor rooms. Perhaps an area for lounge furniture, a separate bar space marked out by potted plants and some decking laid for a dancefloor, for example. You can really go to town with your space, including elements like picnic blankets, wooden benches, deckchairs and barbecues.

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