Three boiler breakdown tips

To prevent the nightmare of a boiler breaking down, it’s best to be prepared and look after your boiler with regular servicing as well as learning a few quick tips to try should the worst happen and your boiler stops working.

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Check for simple solutions

If your boiler has stopped working, try the basics to get it fired back up. Turn it off and on again in case the thermostat or power supply has been accidentally turned off.

If the power supply is still connected but you’re not getting any sign of life in the boiler, check that you’re still getting power to other electrical appliances and if not contact your electricity supplier to see if there’s been a power cut.

Next, look for yоur pilot lіght. If it has gone out, try following the instructions in your manual to reignite it yourself and if it doesn’t come back on check your gas supply. Find out if other gas appliances in your house are working and if they’re not, get in touch with your gas supplier.

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Know when to talk to the experts

A quick call to professionals in boiler installation Bristol can give you advice on how to fix common boiler breakdown issues and arrange a time for an engineer to diagnose the problem in person.

Preventing problems with your boiler

According to on average, modern boilers tend to last for 10 to 15 years. If your boiler is older than 15 years, it can be reassuring to install a new boiler to give you peace of mind.

Boilers tend to develop faults over the summer when they are used less frequently and their internal components risk seizing up. Bristol Boiler Service can help you by offering routine servicing so that you can be reassured your boiler is running smoothly, any parts that are broken can be fixed or replaced before they cause more parts to fail, and that any costly breakdowns will be unlikely.

Boiler installation Bristol should be carried out by experts and Gas Safe registered engineers.

Once you’ve invested in a new boiler, it makes sense to keep it in good condition and reduce the risk of it breaking down by getting it serviced annually. This is often a condition of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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