Five mistakes people make when going gluten free

Many people are looking to gluten-free diets to improve their health. For people who suffer from celiac disease, this can be a good choice due to gluten sensitivity. Gluten can also inflame the gut of people who are not sufferers, with many people choosing a gluten-free diet as they believe their nutrition will be improved.

Five mistakes people make when going gluten free

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Although there are some good reasons to go gluten free, it is not necessary for everyone; in fact, there are some common errors people make with regards to gluten-free eating. Here are five of them:

1. Thinking that gluten free means low carb

Low-carb diets can work for some, but they do not have to be gluten-free diets. Although gluten-free diets are essential for those with coeliac disease, this does not mean coeliac disease sufferers must avoid all carbs.

2. Assuming gluten free is always healthier

Avoiding gluten does not guarantee improved health. Gluten gives food texture and a pleasing ‘fluffiness’, meaning that gluten-free bread can be quite heavy and dense. By removing gluten, the food has to have other ingredients added to make it taste good; these extras might be worse than the gluten.

3. Confusing a clean diet with a gluten-free diet

If you try to eat a clean diet, you might find this is all it takes to feel better without having to cut out gluten. There are many gluten free snacks that can be very healthy, such as those available from; however, some snacks might be unhealthy. Focus on clean eating rather than gluten-free food.

4. Ignoring their body

Although you can eat clean and be gluten free, you need to listen to your body to feel whether it is really making a difference. Ask yourself whether you are truly feeling better. If you suffer from headaches, digestive problems, rashes, inflammation or pain in your joints, you should monitor the symptoms and severity. Pay attention to your body to see what really makes a difference.

5. Thinking gluten is only found in wheat

Some people think they will avoid gluten if they avoid wheat; however, gluten can be found in foods other than those that contain wheat. Gluten can be found in rye and barley, and even sometimes oats. Always check the ingredients list if you want to avoid gluten entirely.

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