Art prints vs. original paintings

Original paintings are a wonderful thing to have in your home, but art prints certainly have their place and can offer a number of advantages even over originals. If you’ve ever wondered whether it makes more sense to go for one or the other, read on for the ultimate guide to art prints versus originals.

Art prints vs. original paintings

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Cost is arguably the biggest factor when it comes to choosing an art print over an original painting. An art print costs significantly less than an original painting. This can leave you with more money to buy a decent frame. When you do, make sure it is made form real glass. Investing in an original painting is a costly business, so ask yourself if you can afford it and if it is worth it.

Masterpiece art prints

When it comes to masterpieces or even paintings by a famous or semi-famous artist, originals are usually out of reach for most average people. Art prints, on the other hand, allow everyone to have a masterpiece in their own home. Fine art can be reproduced onto very high-quality paper, giving it an almost real appearance that look fabulous under quality glass frames.

Bespoke prints

When you fall in love with an original, it may not be the right size for your chosen wall, but prints can be made onto any size paper you want.

Textured paintings and limited original prints

Sometimes, there is nothing better than an original painting. This is especially true when it comes to textured paintings, oil paintings or canvas paintings. In these instances, it is sometimes possible to get Limited Edition original prints. These have usually been made on a large scale but are originals. All of them have been finished by the artists and are often signed and numbered.


If you are lucky enough to own a very expensive piece of artwork, it can be safer to have a print of it made to leave on display and to keep the original safely tucked away to protect it from theft or damage. Printers such as do artwork copying and ensure that colour remains as vibrant and authentic on the print as it is on the original.

As you can see, despite originals having obvious appeal, art prints offer a wide number of benefits.

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