Essential Aspects Of A Window Treatment

Window treatments are used for a functional purpose as well as for a decorative purpose. An exceptional window treatment can create great changes in the look of a room and can make it so much more pleasant to view. To have an attractive and fully functional window treatment you need to keep in mind a few aspects that are essential to the final outcome of a window treatment.

Drapery and its utility 
Once you have decided about giving your windows a new look, the first and foremost thing to decide is the purpose of the drapery. Do you want the drapery to remain static in purpose or do you want to draw open and close the sheets often? Whether you would like to have the draperies in a semi-opened state? Be certain about the functionalities that you want from the draperies. Once you are sure about the functional part, proceed to decide about the drapery style. For this, first of all take into consideration the style of decoration that you have or would like to have in your room. Remember that whatever trend you want to create through your windows, it must go well with the décor of your room as a whole. Having traditionally styled draperies for a modern room with smart and minimalistic furniture will not solve the purpose of a proper décor. On the contrary, it will be a bad décor choice. Likewise, it is also important to keep in mind the purpose of the room where the draperies are to be hanged. A bedroom window treatment will need a lot of stress to be laid on providing privacy while a kitchen window will require a lot of sunshine to be allowed to pass into the room. So, the window treatment will have to be decided according to the purpose of the rooms. One other vital aspect is the budget. Everything depends on your budget. So, be careful about what budget you are putting aside for the window treatments. Do a little research about the prices of the materials and services you will require to put up a window treatment as per your wish. This way you will have some idea about the real picture and will be able to set a realistic budget for the aspired window dressings.

Fabric for window dressing 
Draperies are the most essential and most visible part of any regular window treatment. Fabric is the basic component on which the drapery styling depends. The selection of drapery fabric depends on a few factors. The style of drapery to be created is one of the most important things in this case. While heavy materials look good in a traditional style of décor, the same cannot be said to a modern minimalistic décor. Again, a delicate material may look good on a full-length window in the living room, but using the same material for the kitchen window treatments cannot be advised, as kitchen window dressings ideally should be durable enough to withstand regular cleaning and washing. This also explains the reason why the fabric selection for a window treatment also depends on the room where the drapery is to be hanged. Again, it is also vital to keep in mind the overall décor of the room including the furniture style and the color of the walls to make a proper selection of the fabric for the draperies. These factors also have an impact on the choice of the fabric material.

Proper drapery hardware 
Drapery hardware is that aspect of a window treatment that gives a drapery the final shape. Drapery hardware is as important as the drapery itself, if not more. Without proper and complementing hardware, it is practically impossible to hang a drapery in style and derive its functionalities without a hitch. So, enough care should be exercised to select the proper drapery hardware and mount it correctly. You must ensure a proper measurement of the draperies and the hardware elements before proceeding to install the components of the required hardware. Incorrect measurements may lead to having sloppy draperies, which is not at all desirable for a window dressing. Also, the material selected for the drapery hardware must also serve the purpose of the treatment. For example, metal drapery hardware is best suited with pleated drapery styles which require rings to hang the curtains. Again, take care to be sure about the location of the hardware and where you would like to install it. For that, consider the measurement of the curtains and where you will like the end of the curtains to fall. Depending on whether you require a window sill length curtain or a floor length curtain or a curtain with a puddle look, select the location of your drapery hardware.

With careful detailing and patient handling you can have a great window treatment decorating your room for a stylish look.

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