Choosing a new toilet seat

You might not think there’s much involved with choosing a new toilet seat but scratch the surface and you’ll find more bewildering choice than you imagined. There are plenty of different designs to suit any kind of bathroom. As well as having different toilet unit options, there are also different shapes, different sizes and of course, different colours to choose from.

To help avoid stumbling through a toilet minefield, here are some pointers:

Identify your current toilet pan shape and measure the distance between the two fixing holes on either side at the widest point. Also measure the distance that the pan protrudes into the room from the wall or cistern. This will give you a good guide to work from.

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Toilet Seat Options

Soft close – These are a common seat type these days and often come as standard. Slow closing hinges prevent the seat from banging down quickly, protecting the seat and pan from damage and annoying noise! They are great for younger children to prevent trapped fingers as well.

Hinges – There are two most common types of toilet hinge. Top fixing seats are fed by two bolts into the pan, when the bottom of the pan is inaccessible. As they are tightened from below, the toilet must remain accessible. Soft close hinges are another option, as are quick release hinges which make cleaning super easy. For all your toilet hardware needs, consider Bathroom Suites Northern Ireland.

Shapes – The shape of your toilet will impact on what seat shape you can install. A square toilet seat on an angular toilet provides a great contemporary aesthetic, whereas a rounded or D-shaped seat is ideal for a more traditional rounded pan found in many bathrooms.

Materials – Seats can either be purchased in plastic or wood. Wood comes in a variety of colours and finishes and give a classic, sophisticated look. Plastic seats tend to be cheaper, can be moulded into more shape variety and come in a wide range of colours, from muted to very bright!

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Thermoset & Thermoplast

You will likely come across these two terms when shopping for a new toilet seat. Thermoset is made from a synthetic resin and hardening agent to provide a scratch resistant and easy to clean material. It has the appearance of ceramic and is highly popular.

Thermoplast is also made from synthetic resin but has a more plastic look and feel to it. It is lighter in weight but not scratch resistant and dust can stick it quite easily. However, they are cheaper as a result, so make a good budget option.

Colours – It’s not just material and shape you need to decide as there’s a large choice of colours available to suit every bathroom décor. Black and white remain popular, classic choices. White is ideal as it goes with any décor design and blends well with features such as the bath and sink. It is fresh, bright and hygienic looking.

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