Capturing My Best Friends’ Wedding

We all love a romantic comedy. A film that makes us laugh, makes us cry and makes feel like all is right with the world. My Best Friends’ Wedding is one of those films. Starring Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Dermot Mulroney it’s a classic tale of girl meets boy and become really good friends. They agree to marry each other if they’ve not found anyone more suitable by the time they are 28. Just when it seems this back up plan is due to come though the boy rings and says his is engaged to someone else and would she like to come to the wedding? Rather than accept this, the girl realises that she’s in love with the boy and now wants him back, sort off, as she never had him in the first place. Girl then goes to the wedding to basically destroy the whole thing. One small problem, the girl that the boy wants to marry is delightful and really wants to be friends with the girl that now wants him back(ish). So much so that she asks her, even though she’s never meet her, to be the maid of honour.

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Anyway, back to the film. The girl, who wants the boy back, then goes on to generally pull the kind of faces like the one below for much of the film. She does this whenever she is having one of her (should have been me moments).  You can kind of appreciate her point of view. It must be deeply frustrating going out and enjoying yourself in the world while completely ignoring a really great guy and then suddenly finding that he has actually got on with his life and found someone meaningful rather than pinning for you because you’re Julia Roberts. Her other tactic is to take along her gay friend and try to get the boy she likes to be jealous.

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He doesn’t so she tries to tempt him by “accidentally” wearing her underwear in a situation he will see her in it. He says she looks good, as he is a polite man, but he must be thinking that as he has Cameron Diaz to marry he should really get on with that. The girl still gives it a go pouncing on a very slight suggestion the boy makes that he might not like the other girl as they don’t have a special song. Ohh but we have special song thinks the girl! He must love me, in one of the most irrational move thoughts ever recorded on film. The boy and the other girl have a pre-wedding fight and he chases after the other girl.  The girl now really sticks the boot in until the gay friend points out that he is chasing after the other girl. Finally, she gets the hint and backs off, giving them her and the boys special song until they find their own. How big of her.

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