A quick history of Eton College.

There are many prestigious schools in England but one of the most well known is that of Eton College. Eton is  the place where the children of the wealthy go to be educated. It has a long and rich history that deserves a mention. It’s origins might well surprise you. If you are in the area it is worth a visit but make sure that you visit a Restaurant Eton way such as https://thechristopher.co.uk/bar-and-dining-eton/ to enjoy a lovely evening meal after a day of sightseeing.

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Etons origins are royal. It was the decree of Henry the Sixth that charity schools would be created that would aid the poor and allow their sons to get an education. These seventy boys would then go on to Kings College in Cambridge. These lucky boys would get one of the best educations that the middle ages could offer. In his set up of the school Henry the Seventh created a series of endowments and tracks of land that would ensure the college’s financial security. To continue this income trustees were also appointed so that any land that came under the crown’s control was gifted to the college and its use.

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This continued until Henry was deposed by Edward the Fourth. He began to dismantle the system and the school faced downgrading and loss of staff if the situation continued. However a swift intervention by the King’s mistress saved the bulk of the schools income. Although greatly reduced the school continued to flourish by taking paying students. It’s six hundred year history was assured.

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