The Benefits Of Digital Marketing For PR In The Food Industry

In order to grow a successful food and drink business, it is essential to have an efficient PR strategy in place. Digital marketing can help boost your brand image, creating referral traffic to your website and raise you above the competition.

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Why is PR important?

Put simply, if the general public is not aware of your brand, they won’t buy your products. PR raises awareness of your brand and may get you noticed by retailers or other distributors in the process, all the while helping your business grow. It is important to consider PR constantly, or you could task a food PR agency such as to do this on your behalf.

How can digital marketing help PR?

The more digital content you are producing, either through your website, social media or email, the more likely it is that journalists will come across your brand. All it takes is for one journalist to like what they see and to get in touch and you could end up with your business being reported on in a mainstream newspaper. Informative digital content rather than just data will be more interesting to the press as it is easier for a story to be created from it. Also, any information you can create from your own research rather than quoting or repurposing existing statistics will be unique and therefore more desirable too.

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How can PR help digital marketing?

Once an effective PR campaign results in a publication about your brand, business or products, ensuring this publication is online and linked back to your website will benefit your digital marketing. Anyone reading the article can click onto your website, generating what is known as referral traffic. Once you have people visiting your website, the potential for sales increases. You may also be able to get the publication to include a backlink to your website which helps to improve your search engine rankings, which in turn will improve referral traffic. However, this is not as simple as a direct link to your website and you would need someone who knows what they are doing to check this is set up correctly for you.

Even if you can’t increase your search engine rankings through one publication, raising awareness of your website amongst the press will do this for you, but it will take longer to achieve.

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