5 more great decorating tips for your Park Home

You’ve committed to the idea of buying that residential park home, and now you’re looking for some tips for kitting it out. We’ve made a list of five more great ways to decorate your home.

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1. Use different layers of lighting

We previously mentioned using mirrors to create the effect of more space by using the light, but that’s not all you can do. Don’t just rely on the main light and windows to create the effect you want; you should also consider investing in lamps and even candles. Some will enlarge the appearance of your room, whilst others might make it feel a little cosier. Play around with the height and placement of your light sources to see what effect it will have.

2. Get your gardening gloves on!

This tip is great for decorating any home, not just a park home. Adding some greenery around your house will help bring a touch of the outdoors in. Not only does it add an interesting focal point, but it can also purify the air if you choose the right plants. What’s more, it can add new scents and texture to the room, really bringing it to life.

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3. Use soft colours

Softer colours will make your rooms lighter and more modern in appearance. It will also make it considerably easier to find matching accessories and furniture for the room you’re decorating.

4. Think outside the box

When decorating a home, the temptation to decorate every room using the same theme is strong. After all, by using the same materials and buying in bulk, you’ll effectively save money. However, for a touch of innovation in your room, consider scrapping this idea and decorating each room a little differently.

5. Mix up your accessories

Don’t feel like you need to have all matching furniture! If you’d like to match an onyx living room table with some antique chairs, go right ahead. When furnishing your rooms, you have the opportunity to pour your personality and quirks into it.

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