Smart marketing, the secret ingredient for the success of our strategy

Most advertisers understand that keyword research for search campaigns, analysis of web records and the use of social media are great tools that we have available to know the wishes of customers.

When the tools are used correctly, the process reaches a better classification of the relevant keywords from a search perspective and, in general, creative marketing that connects directly to the consumers of other media, such as TV. or the printed media, among others.

The trick is how to do this on a large scale. Collecting the customer’s voice is a huge challenge for a large advertiser, with many websites, in many countries, languages, or across multiple devices. What is the solution to this? Smart marketing

Smart marketing is the use of the voice of the customer to automatically infuse the content of web pages with sophisticated analysis. There is technology, what is missing is its application to drive those natural language processes of users to large advertisers.

It’s a way to make individual pages on a website, have a creative person to promote goods and services and make smarter individual campaigns through the use of real-time data on consumer behavior patterns, and their analysis to determine which of them can be effectively applied in content planning and in the media. Smart marketing will have a much greater impact in three fundamental ways:

Smarter web pages

Retailers face a complicated problem and that is that human beings, being realistic, can only optimize a handful of pages. The concept of using the auto-optimization search query offers a process that is not manual or based on long-tail performance. In the case of updating the title tags on the pages, SEO performance in general can be improved by 10% over a period of 6 months.

By making the pages more intelligent, we will allow them to optimize themselves dynamically, based on how the audience finds them. In the future, it will not be just this way of consulting, but also the data of social media and the pages will be able to optimize themselves for SEO.

Intelligent creativity

Another area where customers are very fixed is that of creativity. How many companies use data from social media to understand the effectiveness of their creative potential? We can learn, for example, from Hollywood because the promotion of a film depends a lot on creativity. This momentum is fundamental and can be achieved by taking advantage of social media data, understanding the effectiveness of its creatives in attracting the audience.

Made worldwide, this methodology of using social media data to evaluate the creative concepts of messaging, is an absolute necessity for the prudent management of marketing.

Smarter media plans

The voice of the client is used in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the campaigns of the global media and the planning of new ones. Big advertisers are trying to build a global network to acquire more centralized data, as quickly as possible, to evaluate the effectiveness of media plans to reach the right target markets.

The voice is evaluated based on the response in advertising (in digital format), its analysis and the alerts to identify everything (graphic ads vs. search ads, improvement or degradation in the classification of competitors, changes in the brand of the consumers through mentions or sentiment in social media). This is becoming a necessity in the implementation of global media campaigns.

Before all this, how can advertisers create a unifying theme around their marketing efforts? How to make them respond better to the amount of information available? Smart marketing is a powerful way to organize investment in advertising and media improvements.

The objectives are that all aspects of the programs can be traceable, measurable and that they allow us to carry out concrete actions worldwide, always trying to make the client who is their voice in a way that can be measured correctly.

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