Who is Bruce Tuckman

If you have worked as a team leader and studied how teams form and the stages that they go through, you will probably have heard of Bruce Tuckman. In 1965, Tuckman, who is an American psychologist published papers and a book on this theory behind group development. These theories are still very much used today and are noted as forming, storming, norming and performing, with the latter stage being when the teams are working together towards their common goals. As well as publishing his theories he also worked as a professor of Educational Psychology at Ohio State University.

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The key phases that he identified are:

Forming – this is when the team is first benign developed or a number member joins. It is the time when the individuals are working out what their roles are and figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of each person.

Storming – this is the phase where tensions can rise as people try to settle into their roles. It can be an incredibly useful tiem to get your team working on activities that will help strengthen their working together.

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Norming – this is when the team has settled into their roles and are benign work function as one unit and working towards their goals.

Performing – the team is performing incredibly well at this stage and you will be able to use Corporate Gift Boxes as a way to thank the team for their work and for completing their projects.

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