How to Make a House Safer if Someone Has a Disability

Accidents in the home are sadly all too common and amongst elderly people, or people who have disabilities and reduced mobility, sadly that risk is even higher. If you want to make your house as safe as possible, then here are a few ways that you can do this…

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The bathroom is a place where you have a particularly high risk of encountering risks – the water can present a slipping hazard, and baths and showers are easy to fall in, especially when it is wet, and you are unsteady on your feet anyway. Add handrails to the bath and shower to help with getting in and out, and place nonslip mats on the floor.

Coming in and out of the house itself can also present a challenge – replace steps with ramps that are less likely to be a trip hazard and make them wide enough to get a wheelchair or a mobility scooter up. You can get WAV vehicles from places like which will help an elderly person to get around.

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If there are stairs inside the home, there are a couple of ways that you can make these safer. One way is to add special treads on the steps which mean that it is harder to trip, and another good addition is a stairlift that will be able to transport you up and down the stairs safely with no risk of falling.

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