Three Favourite WordPress SEO Plug-ins

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular platforms for managing content and creating engaging sites that are easy to edit.

Three Favourite WordPress SEO Plug-ins

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One of the benefits of choosing WordPress is that it is regularly updated both by an internal team and also via third-party plug-ins which can enhance functionality and add new features to sites.

The latest update, version 4.4, introduces site-wide responsive images to make pages more mobile-friendly, which is a significant SEO benefit in its own right.

If you use WordPress and want to make further optimisations, here are three of the best plug-ins recommended by web designers such as those at Vizion Online.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is by far the most popular SEO plug-in for WordPress and has a well-earned reputation for making it easy to ensure that everything from keyword density to meta descriptions are up to scratch. It also benefits from integration with comprehensive analytical tools which will let you keep track of how pages are performing, pinpointing any problems so that they can be addressed efficiently.

SEO Smart Link

When it comes to adding links to pages, it is important to take into account the algorithm updates that have been rolled out by Google in recent years and avoid harnessing links to problematic third-party sites, as well as those that lack relevance or authority. With this widget you can add links automatically based on keyword lists you create, as well as integrate the option to augment links with the no-follow option if you want total peace of mind. And it works just as well for internal linking as outbound link embeds.

Broken Link Checker

Another useful SEO plug-in related to links is Broken Link Checker, which performs exactly as you would imagine based on its name alone. It lets you scour your site for links which point to faulty URLs or those that have been taken out of action for whatever reason, thus allowing you to pinpoint problem areas and fix the breakages wherever they have arisen.

Because this plug-in is free to download and use, it is recommended for any webmasters who are concerned about SEO. But remember that there are premium options out there if you are willing to pay for professional plug-ins for this platform, some of which are less resource-intensive during their deployment.

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