Planning Your Perfect Bathroom

There was a time when bathrooms were almost entirely overlooked in terms of aesthetics and were regarded by most homeowners as purely functional spaces. These days, that is certainly no longer the case, and the bathroom industry is awash with all manner of design trends to appeal to all tastes.

Planning Your Perfect Bathroom

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A beautiful bathroom really can add value to your home. A bathroom should be a luxurious retreat where it is possible to truly relax. It is also a space where you can really have fun with your design scheme.

21st-Century Tiles

Back in the day, Mediterranean-style tiling was all the rage and was installed in bathrooms across the land. Now, though, the trends in tiling have moved towards modernistic geometrics that really add a wow factor to the smallest room. Don’t be afraid to make bold colour choices or to mix and match the shapes of your tiles.

Bath Is Best

In 2016, shower fanatics are facing up to the fact that a huge free-standing bath is the way forward. If finances allow, buy the biggest and deepest bath that your space will allow. There are some truly decadent models available right now that will bring a real sense of hotel chic to your bathroom.

Sustainable Style

Leading bathroom designers are increasingly showcasing styles influenced by sustainability and nature. Incorporating a range of contrasting woods and stones into your bathroom will bring any bathroom to life. More advice on creating beautiful and sustainable bathroom designs can be found at

Heat with Style

There are a myriad of cool ways to keep your bathroom at the optimum temperature. Underfloor heating, designer towel rails or aluminium radiators or a combination of these will ensure your bathroom is both cosy and super-chic. The range of Apollo aluminium radiators can make a great choice for any bathroom.

Media Solutions

More and more, we are seeing bathrooms with built-in media systems so that you can listen to music or even watch TV as you enjoy a fragrant bubble bath.

Light It Right

The days of one pendant light hanging from the ceiling in a bathroom are well and truly over. Instead, opt for several light sources at different levels, and remember that a dimmer switch is a must so that you can adjust the light according to your needs.

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