Mistakes to avoid when building an extension

When planning a home extension, you will want to get it exactly right. It should serve the purpose you want it for and add value to your property. However, not all extensions go to plan and here are some mistakes you will want to avoid:

  • Not understanding what it is for

Some homeowners want extra space but embark on the project with no tangible idea of what the space will be used for. Nobody wants to invest all that time and money on;y to have the same problems. Do you want a bigger kitchen? Is there always a queue for the bathroom? Do you dream of more space for entertaining? Have a clear picture of what you want the space for. Builders Bristol can help. For trusted Builders Bristol, contact Mogford Prescott.

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  • Not considering how you will ‘feel’

A vast extension can feel cold and uninviting if you haven’t given any thought to how you want to feel in the space. There are clever ways to incorporate elements to make a space feel more cosy and inviting, so consider ceiling height, warmer paint shades and inviting textures.

  • Not creating flow with existing property

Whilst you might want the new space to be unique, it should ideally flow into the existing house. Flow is an essential element of interior design but if you don’t want to use the same flooring or paint colour as the rest of the property, consider similar styles to tie it all in.

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  • Not thinking about furniture

When it comes to deciding where to mount radiators and position windows, factor in what furniture you want at the planning stage so there are no nasty surprises further down the line, such as finding you have nowhere to place a sofa!

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