How to run a building site efficiently and effectively.

A building site of any size needs to be organised, efficient and effective for it to run smoothly, contractors, suppliers, labourers, and the site manager have to communicate well together on a daily basis.  Having a professional company like on your team will certainly make your lives much easier as they are one of only just a few elite specialist Quantity Surveying Companies.  Keeping communications open and honest between all the teams is essential and an experienced Quantity Surveyor will have a wealth of experience behind them in order to ensure these crucial talks are conducted effectively.

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A building site can potentially be a fatal place to work with all the building machinery and equipment as well as labourers possibly working at incredible heights. The most common injury to occur on any building site is a fall and these accidents make up 35% of all construction injuries.  Falling from scaffolds, roofs, ladders or chimneys, it depends on the height from which the fall occurs as to the possible severity of the accident.  Having a well organised, well-run site will certainly reduce the potential for any unfortunate accidents.

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An honest, down-to-earth, practical approach from your professional Quantity Surveyor means that all the way from the first feasibility study until the final hand-over at the end of the building project the day to day working of the site will be smooth and the success of the build will be guaranteed.

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