Installing a Television Aerial in your New Build Property

Buying a new build house is advantageous in many ways. They are a good way to get onto the property ladder as there are lots of schemes in place to help people to own their own home, and also the fact is that a new build house is unlikely to have any problems with it and will not need a survey to be done as it has just been built!

Another reason why people like new build homes is the fact that they are guaranteed for ten years, so if anything does go wrong you can have it put right by the developer at no cost to you, and that is great for giving you peace of mind.

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Something that you are likely to find with a new build house is that there is unlikely to be an aerial installed. This is something worth asking the developer about when you buy it, as it may also not have the cabling in place for one either (although the majority of new build homes will have this). In fact, if you have purchased the property before it is finished, you may also be able to have a say in where the wiring is and where the sockets will go – this is always something worth asking about.

When it comes to having an aerial installed on your new build property it is always best to get a professional like this TV aerial installation Gloucester based company to do it for you. When doing this it is also a good idea to check if there are any restrictions in the area that say where an aerial can be placed.

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It is also worth letting your aerial installer know how many televisions you will have in the property. This is because you may need to have splitters and amplifiers put in to ensure that all televisions can get a good signal in the property. By getting a professional to do this you can also ensure that the wires are not unsightly, especially if you want the television to be wall mounted, and also that they are connected safely. Additionally, the wrong fittings may actually make the signal worse.

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