Methods of Employee Training

To keep your employees motivated and productive, you will likely invest in training, and there are many ways to keep your employees learning and developing their skills.

On the Job

One employee can instruct another in a new skill or supervise them in undertaking a project in a new area. Success can depend on the quality of the trainer, and when someone is regularly training new starters or members of their team, they should be trained in how to prepare and coach to get the best out of them.

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Off the Job

A trainee will have to take time away from their day-to-day work to attend a course, seminar, or lecture which teaches them something new. Conference attendance is another off-the-job training employers invest in for their team members.


Online training courses can be a great way to grow your business’s skills because employees can fit online training modules into their working patterns. They can complete the training when they feel most comfortable. Find out about Train The Trainer Courses by visiting

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A combination of gaining practical knowledge working on the job and learning theory in a classroom, apprenticeships are something that most employers are required to invest in. An apprenticeship can last four or five years and be completed while working when the employer consents their employees to take time out of their regular work to study.

Training Centres

Instructors can give training on new equipment and unique processes on machines in training centres, where a worker can learn how to use them without the pressure of everyday work happening around them.

Combining some of these training methods can mean you have a rich and personalised employee training and development programme which adds value to your business in the long term.

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