Yoga for stress relief at your desk

Have your recently bought yourself some Next Day delivery desks like the ones from are wondering how you can incorporate some stress busting yoga moves into your day? Well, look no further, here are some simple poses that you can do at your desk that will help you reduce your daily work stress levels.

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  • Crescent Moon Pose – as we hunch over our desks the sides of our bodies can become subjected to cramping. This pose helps to alleviate this. Place your arms over your head and clasp your hands together. Gentle lean over towards the right and take in a couple of deep breaths, move back to the centre and then repeat by leaning over to the left.
  • Finger & Wrist stretches – spending your days typing away at your keyboard can start to cramp up your hands and fingers and this can be counteracted by extending your arms out in front of you and gently rotating your wrists in circles, then grabbing one hand by the fingers you can bend the hand back for a nice wrist stretch and repeat for the other hand.

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  • Seated Pigeon Pose – if you find that your hips and lower back start to ache throughout the day this could be the pose for you. Place the ankle of your one foot on the opposite knee with your leg at a right angle. Place the same arm as your floor remaining foot on your opposite knee and gently twist in that direction.

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