How to know when you have a plumbing emergency

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Plumbing emergencies are incredibly stressful and can result in damage occurring to your home. It is important to always contact an Emergency Plumber Gloucester  way if you find yourself in the situation where any of the following issues occur.

Water leaks – damage from water leaks can occur every quickly and the more water that escapes and the longer the period the leak is left unfixed the worse the damage will become and it could start to affect the fabric of your building as well as causing issues with it aesthetically. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to turn your mains water off and contact the above company to come and investigate the leak and put remedial works in place to fix this. This may be a temporary fix to allow you to turn your water supply back on, before the plumber will return at a later date to fix the problem permanently.

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Gas leaks – gas leaks are a hazard to your home and your health and the advice has always been that if you smell gas you should leave your property and contact a gas safe engineer. If it is safe for you to do so you can switch off the main gas valve and wait for further advice from the engineer that comes out.

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