Occupational Health – Why Is it Important?

Occupational health policies deal with both preventative and therapeutic measures in case of occupational health related illness and injury. The importance of this field is exemplified by the fact that more than six million people are treated for common illnesses every year in the United Kingdom, making it one of the major areas  that businesses need to focus on. A good Occupational Health Wales company such as Insight Occupational health will be able to help you with this process.

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Occupational Health has become quite important because the lives of workers are now at risk on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that many industries now employ a large number of people, which puts them at high risk for developing health problems at work. Also, most jobs nowadays require much longer hours, which increase worker stress and physical ailments. Moreover, working conditions in many industries are not safe enough to leave work for a few hours, especially if it is your job to take care of your own health, which may put you at risk for developing long term diseases.

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One major objective of the UK government in charge of occupational health and safety within the country is to improve the working conditions for all workers in the UK, particularly those who are working in industries such as food processing and food service. This is because a lot of research has been carried out and proves that long working hours and poor working conditions have negative effects on both workers and on the company as a whole. Some of the measures taken include raising the minimum working hour limit for most jobs, establishing a maximum working period and creating a compensation and health care policy for all workers. In addition, companies that employ at least two persons should also be regulated according to the legislation in place.


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