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Hair Control for Those of More Mature Years

There is no shortage of advice when it comes to hair care and style – for women. When it comes to men, particularly more mature men, there is a definite shortfall.

Hair Control

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In 1800, Beau Brummel invented the men’s suit and basically nothing has changed for the well-dressed man since. This same general consistency applies to men’s grooming, thus giving men an enduring tradition. Today there are a number of websites and online resources about male grooming that draw inspiration from this tradition but adapt it for the modern man.


There are two factors every man over a certain age faces – going grey and going bald. In both cases the central question becomes whether to fight it or accept it. Hair dyes are an easy solution for the greying crowd, but many men choose the au natural look for the distinguished air greying hair can give to a man. Hair loss is a more difficult battle. The Art of Manliness gives several suggested hairstyles for balding men from the full buzz cut to the so-called “power doughnut”. They also suggest facial hair to draw attention from the crown.

The Moustache

For the moustache crowd, it’s the wax that allows the full expression of many classic moustaches styles. Other essential items include a moustache comb and special trimming scissors, though an electric trimmer works as well. A weekly trim is required to keep things tidy.

The Beard

Beards pose a unique problem. Like the hair above, it needs shampooing and like the moustache, it needs trimming, but unlike the top and the middle, this lower half needs moisturising. Beards draw the natural oils from the skin leaving it dry and itchy. Once the beard has soaked up all the oils the face has to offer it dries out too. One solution is beard oils. It does not take a lot, just a few drops, to leave the beard fragrant and soft. Those looking to buy beard oil from Henry Tibbs or other sites should be able to find a number of brands and scents as there is a burgeoning market.

Men’s grooming is nothing new, but many older men are put-off by hype and trends and all they want is a good barber. Fortunately, they’re making a comeback and are ready to help people improve their appearance.

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