What Not to Wear… Anywhere at Any Time!

Fashion these days is diverse and exciting, and it allows us to express our creativity in several different ways. Nevertheless, there are some hard and fast rules that should be adhered to when it comes to knowing what not to wear.


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Some fashion crimes are unforgivable. Thankfully, committing one of these faux pas is easily avoidable if you remember the following rules:

Leggings are Not Pants

Women’s skinny designer jeans can look amazing, but don’t confuse these sexy, tight fitted pants with leggings. Whilst skinny jeans can be worn with a short top, leggings are designed to go under long tops or dresses and not display your crotch and buttocks in all their lycra- or cotton-encased glory.

Muffin Top is Not Attractive

If your pants are too tight and you end up with a muffin top bulge, you need to go shopping. If your waistband is causing that much restriction, it’s time to buy a bigger size or hit the gym.

Being Offensive is Not Cool

Clothes with swear words aren’t cool, no matter how hip they might be. Even worse is clothing that offends another person’s gender, sexuality, religion or cultural beliefs. T-shirts with swastikas, derogatory slogans about women, or any other demeaning attire should be discarded immediately.

Quality Trumps Quantity

Rather than filling your cupboard with cheap and nasty knock-offs, invest instead in a few quality pieces from a store such as http://www.cuba-clothing.com/. Cheap clothes are often badly cut, made with inferior fabrics, and really don’t flatter the figure, making them a poor investment all round.

If its See-Through, it’s Not Suitable

This is a rule that might not apply to Hollywood starlets, but it’s certainly one that most of us need to remember. Sheer can be sexy, but not if your nipples are poking out or you’re attracting the wrong sort of attention. If you do opt for see-through, make sure only the bits you want to show off are on display.

Say No to Short Jorts

Unless you have legs like Daisy Duke, wearing teeny tiny jean shorts, also nicknamed jorts, is a no-no. If the curve of your bottom is visible or the inners of your pockets stick out below the hem, you’ve gone too short and you’re about to cross the lines of public decency!

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