SEO every day is easier, you know why?

SEO for many years has been considered the “dark side” of digital marketing. It seemed that it had much knowledge of computers and programming had in front of you one, only suitable for “geeks” insurmountable barrier passionate about all techniques and for having to “trick” Google.

“The SEO every day is easier. It is becoming less computing and semantic, communicative and human”

To enter situation I recommend you read some things preliminaries SEO.

SEO every day is easier, you know whyDo you know why SEO is every day easier?

These are the most important facts for you to think about this:

  1. SEO especially is centralized in Google: Google covers 95% of the market searches, so to work well for this issue need only be attentive to new updates and news from this search engine.
  2. Google has evolved over the relevance of results: First it was Panda, Penguin and then finally Hummingbird. These updates reward more valuable content and punish all techniques related to black hat SEO: keyword optimization, hide content or link farms. These techniques were only available to more computer profiles.
  3. Many SEO tools free access: now there is a lot of SEO information without pay. It is true that for very professional reports need to scratch your pocket versions but with “free” can do a lot. Examples: SEOQuake, SEOguardian, Majestic SEO or tools MOZ .
  4. There is more protection to the negative SEO: Negative SEO is those practices that a webmaster can do to harm the positioning of other website.
  5. The content value is an essential source of SEO: Right now Google is very focused on providing valuable content to well rated for usefulness and relevance user. Those web pages that have a blog worked and consistent with the important keywords for business, rise many integers to be well positioned.
  6. Social networks and never separate searches: The trail in social networks influences the searches. In fact google +1 + are the most important element for SEO. The engagement in your social profiles now award.

The natural positioning today is a little less of the computer and for good content creators and community managers.

“The current SEO in short requires less code and more semantic”

Do you think that SEO has become more accessible to less technical people?


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