The 4 steps to design a workflow and attract new customers

Those who are dedicated to designing internet marketing strategies, we know that the digital world continues to offer new tools and solutions to increase the effectiveness of many of the techniques used to attract new customers.

One of these improvements in recent years has been the ability to automate many marketing actions to shorten waiting times and increase the satisfaction of users interacts with a website.

What is a workflow in marketing? What it normally?

So defined level, a workflow would become a chain of actions automated marketing and can be tailored to the type of interactions that will be happening.

The 4 steps to design a workflow and attract new customersThe 4 steps to design a workflow

If you want to start designing a workflow in marketing, in my opinion, you should consider the following 4 steps:

1- Definition of objectives and target audience:

– What do you want to get? Sales? Subscriptions to your blog? If no goal you can never measure the outcome.

– Who are your potential customers? Get all the information that may be relevant to tune the shot

2- Design workflow: here it may be that you need to draw a bit to see all the steps you want engaged users and all possible variants on the road. There can be no scenario without regard for the entire workflow makes sense.

3- Implementation of workflow: this phase consists only of the corresponding tests with a fictitious user previously, and later with a small sample to avoid mistakes that could be mass creating a negative image of the company.

4- Measurement results: here comes the analytical part where we will try to draw some relevant metrics to see if we achieved the objectives set start.

– Metrics: records, open rate of emails, number of documents downloaded…

Tools and generic workflows example in inbound marketing

There are programs or tools that can facilitate you work in this direction:

– Specific tools email

– More comprehensive tools in addition to email functions as HubSpot.

These design methodologies workflows, are widely used to design actions inbound marketing. A simple example of such flows is as follows:

1- Place a downloadable document visible in the “home” of a web page.

2- When this document is downloaded or ebook goes into a chain of emails.

3- The first email chain is offering 5 items related to the topic of the ebook.

4- The second email is another ebook more specific and introducing the product or service you want to sell.

5- The third email is a commercial offer for those who downloaded the 2nd ebook.

In very general terms, this would be a possible workflow to try to bring a user at the time of purchase. So it becomes more indirectly, less aggressive and providing more value.

Do you consider useful to use workflows to attract new customers?

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