Mobile advertising “talking”

Digital advertising continues to reinvent itself, looking for new formats, other ways of attracting attention to the public and getting the message inside. A clear example of this is the new “voice announcements”; A type of mobile advertising designed to convey the message verbally.

Mobile advertising talkingThe first example is on Madison Avenue, where such “verbal announcements” have already been implemented. The project manager was the communications company Nuance, which has implemented a system that applies voice and language translation technologies to a new mobile advertising format; so that it literally speaks to consumers one by one.

This same company is responsible for the development of Apple’s Google Voice and Siri services, and the advantages of its technology are not going to stay here. It also plans to apply these advances to other media, such as television and other media outside the home.

These talking ads are already being tested in three major companies, including OMD, Digitas and Leo Burnett; In addition they will be part of the offer of services of Celtra, the great platform of mobile announcements. In addition, there are already three mobile advertising networks that have been provided to offer this type of voice advertising services: Milennial Media, Mediaworks Opera and Jumptap.

This innovation is the fruit of one more step in search of impacting the user, and to be able to surprise him with new advertising forms. This is especially true for mobile users, where high saturation is associated with the small size of the screen. With this solution, users will not have to look at the support, but it will be the one who claims their attention, calling them on the phone.

What do you think about this new advertising format? How would you apply it to your business?

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